About Data Analytics Competition

INFORMS Student Chapter at UT Dallas is hosting a Texas level ‘Data Analytics Competition (DAC 2017)’, a business analytics case competition in partnership with leading Fortune 500 companies. The competition invites BS, BBA, MS, MBA students with experience and/or knowledge in data visualization and analytics to analyze a real-world business problem. DAC will primarily focus on the use of the in-demand and market leading Tableau software. The competition will not only assess the problem solving, insight generation, and recommendation skills, but will also bring together industry leaders and present an opportunity for students to understand current business trends and showcase their ideas on opportunities to improve business operations to drive growth, value, and profitability.

Participating Universities


Key Timelines


Prize Money


Why participate ??

  • Test your skills to quantify a complex real-world business problem & define the analytical roadmap
  • Develop interactive, user friendly & insightful dashboards using Tableau to showcase insights, solutions & recommendations
  • Showcase problem solving skills and ability to generate insights and provide feasible and sustainable recommendations
  • Opportunity for students to network with senior executives from Fortune 500 industry partners of DAC
  • Compete with and learn from like-minded aspiring professionals

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Key Contacts

Rajnath Geddi

M.S. SCM student | Events Manager, INFORMS Student Chapter at UT Dallas


+1 (469) 562-7880

Sharat Prakash

M.S. SCM student | University Relations Lead, INFORMS Student Chapter at UT Dallas


+1 (469) 655-7586

Dr. Monica Brussolo

Senior Lecturer, Operations Research | Faculty Advisor of INFORMS Student Chapter at UT Dallas


+1 (972) 365-7600

Dr. Athena Alimirzaei

Director, Graduate Supply Chain Management Program at UT Dallas


+1 (972) 883-5901